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on vacation

Just moved back to Vancouver, have one week off then work starts and so do posts.

from the desk of gnoble


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DIY Pimp Cup – it’s easy to drink like lil’ wayne

What if Jack Bauer was a Environment Loving Lefty – Short episode excerpt by Simpson writer

Profiles in Carnage Vlad the Impaler – possibly the most evil man ever

from Neatorama

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too cute

Nothing to write, just an exceptionally cute puppy from Cute Overload.

from Cute Overload! 🙂

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manta ray blimp bot

This is a rather super cool robot that mimics the ocean’s manta rays. I guess that makes this a sky manta, a perfectly awesome sounding pet. It’s filled with helium and is made by European robot manufacturing company Festo. Check out the lovely video of the sky manta in motion and you’ll want one for your own house. They need to make a much smaller version of this for regular indoor use. Even better they could make a giant wind resistant one that would fight Godzilla. Be sure to check out the video at either Festo or Gizmodo.

from Gizmodo

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zombies and clouds

Not much of an uber-post today, two links from Neatorama. The clouds just look awesome, but the gallery of zombie action figures is an shout-out to the zombie walk that happened in Halifax yesterday. Didn’t see it, I just like anything that involves people dressing in costume.

zombie thor

from Neatorama

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BC’s postie biting dogs

In sensational news, dog attacks are up! In June and July of ’07 the number of dog attacks on postal workers doubled as compared to the same period last year. All of last year there were only 81 reports of dog attacks, so far this year there have been 71! Why is this happening? Well the infamous William Lynd (note: he’s not actually famous) who is responsible for workplace health and safety at Canada Post had this to say:

 The spike in attacks is a result of people becoming more free with their pets, letting them roam around instead of taking the precautions responsible pet owners should.

Shenanagins! I’m supposed to lock up my dog all day because he’s a bit nippy? Maybe if posties didn’t have such meaty legs this wouldn’t be a problem.

from The Vancouver Sun

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goddamn teenagers

So this article might be from mid-2006, but whatevs it’s interesting as heck. UK based Compound Security has developed a high pitched noise that is meant to deter teenagers from loitering around your convenience store. The principle behind this technology is that old people all go deaf to some degree or another and overtime this loss of hearing reduces our ability to pick up certain sounds – especially high pitched sounds.

So sounds like a great idea, but those industrious teenagers have co-opted the technology and are using the sound as a ring tone. Now students don’t have to miss out on the hottest gossip while sitting in class or at the dinner table. You can read the whole article at The New York Times.

UPDATE: You can here the ring tone here

from iClickNation

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