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Fake UFOs – the hot new hobby

I dunno if this can really be classified as something that is spreading, but it might after this article was posted on Gizmodo. Apparently, Linn Murphy has made a remote controlled flying object which intentionally is meant to look like a UFO. He flies it around during concerts, movie line ups, and public events just to freak people out. I thoroughly support anything that freaks people out.

from Gizmodo


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scallop shells not salt

For those of us who live in snowy locales, ice on the road and sidewalks is a bit of a pain; it wrecks the bottom of your car, eats your shoes, and is bad for the environment. The brainiacs at the Aomori Ecological Recycle Industrial Association have come up with an environmentally friendly way to get rid of ice on roads – use scallop shells and apple vinegar. Apparently it’s considerably less detrimental to soil. Not only is that a plus, but this finds a use for a previously useless item; if you don’t count scallop shell folk art. Plan is to process 6000 tons of scallops this year.

from Autoblog Green

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green groups supporting anti-DRM

An interesting link from BoingBoing (the most linked to site on the internet) about green NGOs supporting anti-DRM (digital rights management) movements. As a lot of you know and as I’ve mentioned before, CDs produce an immense amount of waste, something like 1kg of CO2 for every one produced.  So in that sense, supporting downloading software and music instead of purchasing CDs has definite environmental benefits. Not only is the problem CDs, but new software that comes out, specifically Microsoft’s new Vista OS, requires a tremendous amount of processing power for essentially the same utilities.

Why is this a problem? Because most old computers absolutely can’t run Vista. If you want to have your computer up to date you have to trash your old one and buy a new computer. Obviously this causes a lot of e-waste to head to the dump and Microsoft has spent more than $500 Million on advertising Vista. That’s a lot of pressure on the average consumer to drop $1200 and update their computer. Greenpeace, the Green Party and Friends of the Earth have gotten on board and are supporting an anti-DRM petition. Creating open-sourced software that can be modified to run on inferior computers would help alleviate this problem, but there aren’t tons of easy solutions to this problem. People want faster, smarter computers but we shouldn’t be cattle-prodded into buying a new one.


from BoingBoing

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goddamn teenagers

So this article might be from mid-2006, but whatevs it’s interesting as heck. UK based Compound Security has developed a high pitched noise that is meant to deter teenagers from loitering around your convenience store. The principle behind this technology is that old people all go deaf to some degree or another and overtime this loss of hearing reduces our ability to pick up certain sounds – especially high pitched sounds.

So sounds like a great idea, but those industrious teenagers have co-opted the technology and are using the sound as a ring tone. Now students don’t have to miss out on the hottest gossip while sitting in class or at the dinner table. You can read the whole article at The New York Times.

UPDATE: You can here the ring tone here

from iClickNation

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busting batteries

Everyone likes to save – save the whales, save our souls, and probably the most popular – saving money. Check out this: cutting open a 12V (A23) which apparently costs about 93 cents reveals eight 1.5V button batteries which sell for about five bucks a piece. Check out the how-to video from KipKay.

12 Volt Battery Hack! You’ll Be Surprised… – video powered by Metacafe

from Gizmodo

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