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eco-lucha libre

In green news today, the environmental movement has gained a strong ally – El Hijo del Santo! The popular Mexican wrestler and restauranteur has joined ENGO Wildcoast to raise public awareness of environmental issues in Mexico. Son of one of the most famous Lucha Libres of all time, El Hijo is a perfect spokesperson to get disenfranchised youths interested in wrestling environmental problems. He’ll be fighting villains such as ‘ the Pirate who Stole Turtle Eggs ‘ and ‘Sewageman’ . Apparently turtle eggs are an aphrodisiac in Mexico, so I’d be a bit concerned about grappling with this a-moral pirate.

from Neatorama


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BC’s postie biting dogs

In sensational news, dog attacks are up! In June and July of ’07 the number of dog attacks on postal workers doubled as compared to the same period last year. All of last year there were only 81 reports of dog attacks, so far this year there have been 71! Why is this happening? Well the infamous William Lynd (note: he’s not actually famous) who is responsible for workplace health and safety at Canada Post had this to say:

 The spike in attacks is a result of people becoming more free with their pets, letting them roam around instead of taking the precautions responsible pet owners should.

Shenanagins! I’m supposed to lock up my dog all day because he’s a bit nippy? Maybe if posties didn’t have such meaty legs this wouldn’t be a problem.

from The Vancouver Sun

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duct tape cornholio bandit

So… apparently, this guy in Ashland, Kentucky decided to rob his neighbourhood liquor store. In order to conceal his identity, the industrious Kasey Kazee wrapped his head in duct tape and put his T-shirt over his head like Cornholio. The story gets even better when you see video of him denying that he’s “the duct tape bandit”. Shoot, if I had a name like Kasey Kazee I wouldn’t change it to Duct Tape Bandit… but it would be cool to be called “Mr. Bandit“. Check out the video at WSAZ .

from BoingBoing

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