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sea lice land lice

Just a great article by Rafe Mair about BC fish farming and government inaction. Definitely worth the read. Check it out at The Tyee.


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eco-lucha libre

In green news today, the environmental movement has gained a strong ally – El Hijo del Santo! The popular Mexican wrestler and restauranteur has joined ENGO Wildcoast to raise public awareness of environmental issues in Mexico. Son of one of the most famous Lucha Libres of all time, El Hijo is a perfect spokesperson to get disenfranchised youths interested in wrestling environmental problems. He’ll be fighting villains such as ‘ the Pirate who Stole Turtle Eggs ‘ and ‘Sewageman’ . Apparently turtle eggs are an aphrodisiac in Mexico, so I’d be a bit concerned about grappling with this a-moral pirate.

from Neatorama

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scallop shells not salt

For those of us who live in snowy locales, ice on the road and sidewalks is a bit of a pain; it wrecks the bottom of your car, eats your shoes, and is bad for the environment. The brainiacs at the Aomori Ecological Recycle Industrial Association have come up with an environmentally friendly way to get rid of ice on roads – use scallop shells and apple vinegar. Apparently it’s considerably less detrimental to soil. Not only is that a plus, but this finds a use for a previously useless item; if you don’t count scallop shell folk art. Plan is to process 6000 tons of scallops this year.

from Autoblog Green

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on vacation

Just moved back to Vancouver, have one week off then work starts and so do posts.

from the desk of gnoble

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