eat less meat – fight climate change

It’s pretty well known amongst environmental circles that meat production is an extremely energy intensive process. What I didn’t know was that global meat production releases more Green House Gases than all types of travel combined. This stat came from that recent UN report on Climate Change. What’s interesting about this is that many vegan/vegetarian NGOs are using this a platform for an advertising campaign. PETA is getting a guy to dress up in a chicken suit and drive around in a Hummer – poignant! However, Environmental NGOs aren’t jumping on this wagon. None interviewed by the NY Times were willing to make it a priority even though they all agree that meat production is an immensely GHG intensive industry. Carl Pope, the ED of the Sierra Club had this to say;

“We’ll encourage companies to make more efficient S.U.V.’s, and we’ll encourage consumers to buy them,” he said, “but we do not find lecturing people about personal consumption choices to be effective.”

Personally, I think that this is an issue that environmental groups should start supporting. Simply reducing one’s meat consumption would undoubtedly have a positive effect on fighting climate change and it’s better for you. The general populous just isn’t aware of the impact that meat production has. I love meat, but there’s nothing wrong, complicated or undelicious with having two or three vegetarian meals a week.

from The New York Times


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