young japanese aren’t into cars

According to a Nikkei Business Daily survey, young people in Japan’s capital are less and less interested in owning a car. A survey of Tokyoites in their 20s was conducted in 2000, it found that 48.2% were interested in buying a car and 23.6% actually owned a car. Fast forward seven years and my oh my has it changed – only 25.3% wanted to buy a car and a meager 13% owned a car.
Why is this happening? The economic downturn in Japan is making citizens more concerned about their savings; the source article noted that these people are also spending less on booze, designer clothes and sporting goods. While this might not be signaling a change in environmental conscientiousness of young Japanese , a decrease in consumption of pointless consumer goods is undoubtedly a good thing. Cars are a huge drain on the economic resources of any individual – here in Nova Scotia GPI Atlantic reported that the average family’s largest expenditure was transportation. In America, it’s something in the range of $9000/year that the average American spends on their car. These costs are undoubtedly higher in Japan as gas is almost double the price and road tolls are all over the place.

On a side note, I was late for work today because my bus was late. It made me wish I had a car.

Pink Tentacle

from Japan Probe


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