nissan’s bars

If any of you have driven a HEV before, you might have noticed the fuel efficiency gauge telling you how much gasoline you’re using. If you drove a regular car, you’d have estimate how much gas you’re using by doing the fuel pumped in/km travelled method. Thankfully Nissan is expanding these fuel monitoring devices to regular cars – three Japanese models and two US models.

The cool thing is, internal testing at Nissan has found that just having this addition to a car decreased a driver’s fuel consumption by 10%. To the average Canadian that’s a pretty significant amount, registering in at about 220L of gas a year, $250 a year and more than half a tonne of CO2 a year.

Probably the most innovative part of this program is that these fuel monitors are integrated into Nissan’s CARWINGS (sound Japanese much?)  navigation system. The system uploads to your fuel consumption to their website where you can get ranked based on monthly results. I’m just wondering if this’ll help hypermiling catch on!

from Clean MPG


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