japan’s getting it right

Hokay, so I’m a bit of a hippie when it comes to cars – but it’s not my fault, it’s my job. Anywise, it looks like things are going good in Japan on the motor vehicle dependency front. For the past 25 months, cars sales in Japan have been declining. In fact comparing July ’06 with July ’07 one can see at 10.4% decline in sales. Not only that, saturation of ‘mini-vehicles’ is nudging closer and closer to 50%, gaining about 1.1% from last year. But the biggest news is that for the first time ever the number of cars per household has decreased.

It is a bit easier for the Japanese to get rid of their cars; transit runs on time there, trains go everywhere, it’s remarkably easy to use and the Shinkansen can get up to 443km/hr. But the surprising thing is, used cars are cheap in Japan. You can even get them for free as it becomes prohibitively expensive for one to pay the ‘road tax’ on old cars. If you ever go to Australia or New Zealand you’ll see tons of unwanted imported Japanese cars.

from Japan Economy News



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5 responses to “japan’s getting it right

  1. Ken

    Hmm…you seem to be missing the point. The decline in the number of cars per household may be good from an environmental standpoint (and I think it is), but it is very bad in terms of the economy and as a reflection of the economic state of the average household.

    If the decline in car ownership per household was due to environmental concerns, I would applaud that. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case. The fact is that despite the fact that Japan is enjoying its longest period of post-war economic expansion, the average household is yet to benefit, and the increasing percentage of the population over the age of 60 (now over 25%) is slowly starting to cause great pain amongst domestic industry.

  2. Ken

    By the way, used cars are cheap…in my neighborhood there is a 92 Ferrari going for about $50,000 and an 02 Bentley with an asking price of about $45,000.

  3. On the OTHER HAND, someone is driving that purple nightmare that surely counts as at least 4 American SUVs!

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  5. jgrab1

    Is that all? Just when I thought the article was getting started, it ended.

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