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Strange title, but aside from that this is interesting – just like all the rest of the cr4p I post on here. Part of my job was to teach ’em high schoolers on ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and one of the ways I suggested (although not in front of all the teachers) was to download CDs and movies instead of driving to pick them up or seeing them. It worked especially well w/ CDs because there’s a lot energy that goes into transporting these puppies around the nation. Not only that, once you’re done w/ your Pussy Cat Dolls CD, it’s going off to the dump which not only causes landfill issues but once again takes energy to get it there. Treehugger has some good numbers about the 25th anniversary of the Compact Disc:

– 2 billion CDs made worldwide

– In the US 100,000 lbs of CDs become outdated/unwanted every month

– 1 CD creates 1kg of CO2~ half from transportation, half from production

– “In the software biz, every $100,000 spent on commercial software reproduction creates the global warming potential of approximately 29 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents as well as 38 kilograms of toxic waste”

interesting fact: the first commercial music CD sold was 1981’s The Visitors by Abba

from Treehugger


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